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Do I Have to Pay Child Support Even if I Can’t See My Child?

Child Support

Whether you can see your child or not, parents must pay child support. Raising a child can be costly and, regardless if the parents are together, the financial burden should not fall upon a single parent. Therefore, even when a parent is not actively involved in the life of a child, support must still be paid.

Why You Must Still Pay Child Support

As long as your parental rights have not been terminated, you will continue to be obligated to pay child support. For example, if your spouse remarried and the new spouse adopted your child, effectively terminating your rights, your child support payments would come to an end.

However, child support is not based on your ability to see the children. Even if your ex is keeping you from seeing the children, you must keep paying child support. If you fail to fulfill this duty, what you owe will continue to accrue and cannot be eliminated or reduced because of your ex’s actions.

If you stop making child support payments, the following enforcement actions may be taken against you:

  • Wage garnishment
  • Tax refund intercept
  • Denial of a U.S. passport
  • Bank levies
  • Driver’s license suspension
  • Contempt of court

If your ex-spouse is refusing to allow you to see your children, keep paying child support, and be sure to take legal action as soon as possible to protect your rights as a parent. If you bring this matter to court, your ex could face some serious consequences, and you may even be awarded custody, which may ultimately affect child support as well. Not paying child support, however, is never an option, so do not hesitate to retain skilled legal counsel as soon as possible.

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